Thursday, August 12, 2010

Colour me confused

We are in a bit of a go-between situation between Official Hague Person and Nice Little Agency. Here's crossing our fingers that Nice Little Agency decides it's not too complicated to get accredited should we ever want to adopt again.

Anyway, we've got lots and lots and lots of cheesy pictures, we've sent them off to both sets of people, and we are resisting both OHP and NLA's efforts to start all our profile/letter statements with "dear birth parents" as, erm, they aren't yet (in fact likely they haven't given birth yet as well as not having relinquished any children). Though I think OHP were right to tell us not to write "our" child as obviously he/she is not our child.

NLA have earned various gold stars for trying to avoid extra expenditure and being very flexible, they are very happy for documentation going to them to be sent with (and therefore notarised with and therefore not charged extra for) documentation going to OHP. I panicked for a bit today thinking we'd have to have (and therefore pay for) another social worker visit but they say a letter from our regular social worker will do nicely.

Anyway I just thought I'd regale you with exciting tales of paperwork, and show you page 1 of our profile. Excuse flab in my picture at the bottom, and sorry it's a bit blurry - converting from Publisher to PDF to JPG obviously loses something:


Perceval said...

I like the second picture - very inviting! It looks like you live somewhere really nice ;)

Anonymous said...

You both look SO friendly and lovely. The smiles! Such adorable smiles!

DrSpouse said...

aww, thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! I'm sorry, I really meant to weigh in on the last post and never did. I really do have my fingers crossed so very hard for this to happen smoothly rapidly. I see this mind-blowingly long process as months of happiness a child won't have! Wish this was easier, but your application looks grand.