Monday, June 07, 2010

I would dearly like to know what is up ...

(though if you don't feel like examining the contents of my M&S briefs, click away now)

1st observation: my last cycle was 26 days long, much shorter than my normal 28-30, though otherwise normal.

2nd observation: normal fertile CM at a normal point (10-14ish days)

3rd observation: a little bit more, possibly, around 20 days.

4th observation: around 22-23 days, a whole bunch more, but blood-tinged. Have never had that before except bang in the middle of a cycle after a miscarriage

5th observation: day 23, spotting, followed the next day by full bleeding

6th observation: hair-tearing on account of not really wishing to have much, much shorter cycles

7th observation: day 3, the fertile CM is back. Erm, what???!


nutsinmay said...

Umm. Assuming you only bled for one day, implantation? (Don't hit me! Don't hit me!). I am well aware in our case this is not a cute, happy sort of answer.

An irritated cerxix will produce EWCM. Bleeding irritates it. Normally, the EWCM gets lost in the rest of the bleeding, but if it stops again... At least, this is how my cervix reacts. Your mileage may vary.

Fingers crossed for No More Confusingness, also peace of mind, in whatever form you prefer.

DrSpouse said...

I won't hit you, but it was about 3 days of bleeding!

nutsinmay said...

Oops, never mind me, then.

I'll just go with a generic Personal Parts Are Awfully Confusing.