Wednesday, November 25, 2009


We are going to need to face the fact that we have to tell our families about the adoption process. Very much not looking forward to it - not just the negative attitudes I expect from some quarters, but frankly the indifference I expect from others (e.g. my brother who has mentioned once in 5 years the miscarriages - even my dad has engaged more). Mr Spouse's mother is a bit less problematic as she'll forget what we told her anyway...

So, we were talking today about a large heirloom piece of jewellery we have in the bank. We pay a fair bit to keep it in there, plus insurance (which would be so much higher if it was in our house so it's worth keeping it there). The value of this piece of jewellery is more as a "replacement" than we could get for it by selling it, but we could still get a fair bit. In fact, we could get an amount approaching what we are paying the UK agency. I never wear it and never will.

So I feel I may have an opening with my mother (whose family it came from)... Can we sell your grandma's jewellery to pay for our adoption?

(Incidentally, if anyone on the US open adoption side ever stops by this blog, I'd really appreciate ideas of grandparent books to introduce her to the concept... thanks)


Heather said...

I think Making Room in Our Hearts by Micky Duxbury is the best primer on open adoption currently on the market. I'm pretty sure it touches specifically on grandparents at some point, too. (Someone borrowed my copy a year ago and lost it, otherwise I'd confirm that.)

Rachel said...

I had my parents read 'Secret Thoughts of an Adoptive Mother' so they could understand the inner thoughts of trying to overcome infertility and move to adoption. 'Making Room in Our Hearts' is good, too.

PS my word verification is 'penus'. Tee hee!

Heather said...

I wrote you a post. :)