Monday, October 26, 2009

To Do List, This Evening's Version

  • Ring grandmother of Brownie whose mother has learning difficulties to find out full situation
  • Then, ring mother to offer her our remaining ticket to the Panto (she won't be the only mother going, and I strongly suspect some other girls of having forbidden their parents from embarassing them by going too).
  • Remove entire contents of wardrobe and linen cupboard, currently draped around dining room/kitchen, drying.
  • Pile spare Brownie equipment slightly higher so it is possible to walk to said kitchen without killing oneself
  • Hoover living room so social worker, coming tomorrow morning, does not die of dust inhalation.
(Not entirely clear if social worker is only coming to reassure herself that we have decided which adoption route to pursue, or is actually intending to start our home study, but whichever - perhaps a slightly cleaner house would be an advantage. Most prospective adopters tell us that the social worker rarely steps outside the living room and only judges the house on the quality of the biscuits; unless my rep for great home-made biscuits has followed me from the preparation group, and she's expecting fabulous, I think we're OK on those!)


hairyfarmer said...

Good luck, sweetheart. Hope you have a nice one, with all brain cells intact. Difficult, in that job, to keep them all together.

Bernardeena said...

Hope meeting with the social worker went well and was productive. Also hoping that they don't make any judgements on the tidyness of the house, but at least I have a few more years to try and train the husband and teach him things like putting rubbish in the bin, and that bathrooms don't clean themselves. At least he can bake.