Sunday, March 22, 2009


April is a good time to move from the US to the UK if you are infertile. I'm missing the consumer circus of both Mother's Days.

Bizarrely my slacker brother reminded me of the UK one by sending me a link to a Mr T video on how to treat your mother (I am not clever and cannot work out how to embed but it is here), and then didn't call her himself. I, however, am daughter of the year and did call, and Mr. Spouse called his (who wouldn't understand the country differences). So halos all round.

Except for my mother who said right at the end of our phone call "oh, I do hope you get to celebrate Mother's Day yourself one day".



Rachel said...

Way to plan it. My birthday is always the same week as the American Mother's Day. It's hell. Good on you for calling. And :-/ on the comment from your mum.

Thalia said...

it's a darn shame you had to get the pain of UK mothers day despite being out of the country. Bollocks to that.