Sunday, November 30, 2008


This is a cheat as I was obviously blogged-out yesterday and forgot my final post of the month. Let me off, will you? Anyway this is where we spent our post-wedding honeymoon (we had another holiday later that year, too, because we are a dual income infertile couple and can take lots of holidays) and yes, it is not that sunny, why do you ask? Do you think perhaps I should have known to take a suitcase full of warm sweaters and boots, in May?

I think it will be better perhaps if I get back to my regular intermittent posting as I definitely have fewer comments per post this month, and possibly even fewer comments overall. More posting does not mean more comments, clearly.


nutsinmay said...

I suppose most of us don't know what to say to beautiful photographs except 'ooh, nice' and 'ooh, jealous'. So we feel a little lame and wander off, meaning to come back later when we can think of something cute... err. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - I'm another noncommenter who nevertheless thoroughly enjoyed your pix.

Lori said...

I am so very jealous.

I hate when the weather is unexpectedly cold.

But still...Venice.