Saturday, July 12, 2008

Yes, I still exist

Sorry for the silence - not a lot going on that you'd be interested in, too much otherwise.

Spoke to the wrong person at the fostering team (and they have a really irritating new central switchboard that makes you hang on for ages - need to get people's direct number, quickly) but their feeling was we would probably wait till we get back from the US to start our home study.

Had a job interview - didn't get it. Really wanted promotion in current position but would have been very happy to take the job so a bit annoyed.

Mr Spouse is looking at what he can do when in the US, including volunteering. Spontaneously suggested hearing children read at school, and I told him about the (scandalously huge, but quite clean and pleasant) county foster home that I used to volunteer at when I was over there before. The sheer number of children in institutional care was scary. I'm pretty pleased we don't have that many here, frankly.

About to go on holiday to some Alps which I gather will be quite rainy. But never mind. Old, old friend's 40th - very nice, sweet friend, similar work but a bit more committed to it so has done a bit better than me. Has recently met man who seems to be very good for her (though she showed me his website and he seemed to have a liking for cheesiness...). He can't come so I won't get to meet him. Shame. Seems to be someone who doesn't really have any hankering to be a parent - has three nieces and nephews and seems satisfied with that. Not exactly incomprehensible to me but a head state I can't quite enter fully.


Anonymous said...

Was wondering where you went!

Anonymous said...

Bah for the job interview, and BAH for the wait to start the home study.

Wishing you a truly excellent holiday.

Thalia said...

sorry to hear about the job interview. Very disappointing.