Sunday, March 25, 2007

Writer's block

I have been suffering from an extreme case of writer's paralysis at work, which has made me reluctant to try and write anything else - plus the usual technical difficulties meaning I can only really write on Blogger from one computer, and I haven't been at that one very much. Anyway I'm here. We went to see one of our favourite singer-songwriters on Friday and he talked about "writing the cr*p out". So I felt the urge to write something, but then had my usual post-stress (end of term) migraine yesterday. But today we went for a country walk along some extremely flat lanes in the sunshine. So that was good.

I was thinking the other day about waiting - and about how infertility and miscarriage both involve a lot of waiting, usually for CD1. Although this month's CD1 (Friday, if you care) was something I was slightly waiting for, it isn't as big as these genetic test results, which are still a week away. I can't believe how long it has seemed we've been waiting for them. I also know I've been feeling like they will automatically decide us one way or the other - and I'm trying to prepare myself for still feeling uncertain.

Dream Mommy over at You Could Always Adopt posted about an incredibly rude person asking "which of you can't have children"? Although no-one's asked us that I have a feeling that if one of us turns out to have a translocation, people will if we tell them what is happening. Unfortunately those people may be family, and therefore may have a right to know - I have several cousins without children, and one of Mr. Spouse's cousins has a 20-year-old son, and it would save a lot of heartbreak if they knew miscarriages were likely. When I say "people", I actually mean "my family". They are the nosy ones - and also, given their general irritating fertility, the ones that are less likely to actually have any business asking.


Thalia said...

Oh the wait, it's always hard. I'm wondering what's the better outcome - to know there's a translocation, and PGD is possible, or to know that nothing's wrong and you've just been horrifically unlucky? I imagine it will be good to know, either way.

May said...

Fingers crossed the news is good news, and easy to deal with.

Family are a whole Big Issue, aren't they? I never know what to tell to whom.


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