Saturday, July 01, 2006

Oh hold

We're about to go on holiday, so a longer gap than normal in blogging. But a quick phone call to the recurrent miscarriage clinic (and conversation with at least five people with comedy Scouse accents. OK, I know people in Liverpool really do talk like that, but if you don't go there regularly, it sounds funny) revealed that the first appointment available is on the 17th August, and they don't, as far as the temporary secretary knows, take private patients.

This will be an appointment to take bloods and set up further tests. So everything else will be even more delayed, whether it's IUI or adoption, the first of which no doubt also has a long waiting list (and even if it didn't, I think the gynae is probably right that we should not do it a the same time as the miscarriage investigations) or, more likely, adoption, where they usually ask for a gap between any fertility investigations and starting the process.

Can I just say:

Thank you.


perceval said...

Welcome to NHS Fertility Disservices. If they make you wait any longer than a month between tests, I wouldn't blame you for jumping ship.

DD said...

Is there ANYTHING when it comes to infertility that doesn't require a "hurry up and wait" type of attitiude?! Are you considering IVF anywhere in between the IUI and adoption, if you don't mind me asking?

Michelle said...

Everything about this process involves waiting. It is so frustrating. I'm curious why the doctor would suggest IUI, if you can get preggo without it?

Vivien said...

Is this Liverpool Women's Hospital with the renowned Siobhan Quenby who is trialling prednisolone for NK cells?