Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The women of this nation...

apart from those who like football, or have more than one TV in the house, are currently amusing themselves.

I've been doing a little browsing on the internetty web (as Mr Spouse and I call it), and a little sewing on two baby quilts. One is for my new niece, and one is either a faith quilt, or is for some other lucky child of a friend or relative. Not for my cousin's - I'm sorry, but having your second child due less than 3 years after your first does not count as "it's so difficult and upsetting not being able to have another child". Definitely not as "everyone in the family needs to know even your 97-year-old grandfather". Although the latter may have been her big-mouthed mother. Just because she is 13 months younger than her brother.

At least that may be the last of it for a while, unless my brother decides he can't live without a son. I have one remaining unmarried cousin my age, who is currently messing around with, and I suspect messing around, a very good friend of mine. No wedding bells or pregnancies I don't think - she wants to adopt from China, as a first choice, but he's under pressure to keep the family name going. The other side are all either under 30 and living in a different country to their spouse, or unattached, or both.

Going through my cycles in real time is rather a lot like watchin paint dry, so I'm not subjecting you lot to them. Suffice to say I madly decided to take my temperature this month, but at least it tells me, once again, I'm ovulating fine. In other news, no news from the miscarriage clinic (why does my mother ring to ask if I've heard from them four days after I've gone to the gynae? that's hardly enough time for a letter to get there and back!), and Mr Spouse and I have agreed that if "nothing has happened" six months after my last miscarriage, we will start going for adoption.

Details are yet to be worked out. Will "nothing" include another early miscarriage? Will we go with the agency we visited, or think about concurrency (where you foster a very young child and then if they don't get reunited with their birth parents- which does not happen 90% of the time - you adopt them)? The concurrency agency is quite a long way away - there are only about 4 in the country - and we might have to twist their arm to get them to consider us. We'll see.


Thalia said...

Sorry it all feels like watching paint dry, but glad you've only got 6 mths more before you decide to move to another MO. I hope that either way, you don't have too long to go before you get to use that quilt.

PS why would a concurrency agency not work with you? Are they age-biased?

DrSpouse said...

No, not as far as I know - because there are so few agencies, it's about 50 miles from us, and normally they only take people from within 25 miles. During the first part of the process you are fostering the baby and they get visits with the birth parents, usually about 3 times a week.

This is not something that would bother me (the agency is in the same town Mr Spouse works in, and that his parents live in, so travelling there daily is clearly possible) but might bother the social workers. Plus, they'd have to travel much further to do home visits.

Michelle said...

I hope that you don't have to find out what "nothing" is. And it does feel like watching paint dry, especially when you are waiting for a cycle to end so you can have tests (and of course, then continue waiting).

I added you to the list of blogs that I read, hope you don't mind.