Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tell me why

when I want to wear something it is in the wash basket?

I have a closet full of clean lovely clothes. And drawers full, and a huge blanket chest full of jumpers.

I expect it is that I look through the wash basket when putting a wash on, and the clothes I've put back as they are the wrong colour for the wash I'm doing, are now at the front of my mind as Must Wear.


Anonymous said...

My favourite shirt is ALWAYS in the wash-basket. I'm quite sure I most certainly do not wear it often enough to account for it - indeed, I can't wear it as often as I want because IT'S IN THE WASH-BASKET.

Variation on Murphy's Law.

Caro said...

I think we end up wearing a small percentage of our clothes. I'm thinking I'm due a clear out as my drawers are full too but I'm hardly wearing any of the clothes in them.

Lorna said...

That's a good rational explanation for it all. I find that happens to me too.

Any solutions for missing socks??