Monday, September 19, 2011

A second opinion

I may have said, and I'm too lazy to check, but I've been having some checks for exercise-induced asthma. It was when Mr Spouse said there was no need for me to ring the bell after I've got back from a run, I just need to stand outside the front door and cough...

The first GP I could get in to see got me to do a peak flow diary. It was inconclusive, so he suggested I wait a couple of months, keep up the exercise and try again. In the meantime, I saw my regular GP for a repeat adoption medical* and he asked why the first GP wasn't just trying me on an inhaler. The first GP got me to do another peak flow diary. It was borderline (clearer, but borderline), so he sent me to do a more complicated breathing test with the nurse. Not surprisingly, since I only get breathless after half an hour's exercise, and I had just strolled 10 minutes from the house, it was fine.

The nurse also asked why I'd never tried an inhaler, and when I told her about the two GPs different attitudes she left a note for my regular GP saying "please prescribe an inhaler".


In other news, I had an email exchange today and then had to call a colleague because she's going into hospital tomorrow. A few years younger than me, on her second (but this time very happy) marriage, no kids, devoted aunt. I shared that when I had GA it made me groggy for most of a week. Sounds like she's having one too. Hmm... thirty-something woman, apparently very healthy, having a procedure under GA...

*involving a long saga of lost post and unreadable photocopies. Gah.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


In 1998, I spent the 4th July at the Marine Club next to one of the US embassies that was bombed the next month. We all knew who Bin Laden and Al Qaeda were. We also knew that US embassy personnel had delayed ambulances getting to the office building next to the Nairobi embassy, that had also blown up.

Ten years ago today, I was in the air, first flying to Nairobi overnight, and then at the time the planes were in the air over the East Coast of the US, I was on an internal flight. Because I'd flown overnight, I went straight to a colleague's house and had a nap. I woke up later that afternoon and everyone was listening to the BBC World Service. I could not believe what I was hearing, to the point where I thought it was a joke, or exaggerated. I did not see any pictures of the attacks until several days later, and then only stills on the web.

This weekend there has also been news of a  ferry disaster in an ocean I know very well. I have never taken that ferry but once I was on a catamaran ferry in that stretch of water and we suddenly slowed and stopped. We picked up two fishermen clinging to their outrigger boat. They had been there for at least 24 hours and were suffering from dehydration and, because the sea is cold and it is not that warm at this time of year, imminent hypothermia. Poverty kills, in unexpected ways. One of the biggest causes of death in developing countries is road accidents, from poorly maintained vehicles or poorly skilled drivers, or both

Thursday, September 01, 2011

The lazy woman's blogging

Nothing much at this end - another suggestion of a match from our agency which once again was well outside our parameters (but we firmly reset the parameters and we think they understood this time).

Might as well do a meme or two (though I hate hate hate that word). This looks fairly mindless though May's H says it is hard. I will let you know when I get to the bottom.

1. Yourself: distracted

2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend [husband]: woodworking

3. Your hair: highlighted

4. Your mother/stepmother: stingy

5. Your dog: non-existent

6. Your favorite item: Bernina

7. Your dream last night: none

8. Your favorite drink: coffee

9. Your dream car: VW

10. The room you are in: office

12. Your fear: widowhood

13. What you want to be in 10 years: mum

14. Who you hung out with last night: fabric

15. What you’re not: concentrating

16. Muffin: cranberry

17: One of your wish list items: Chosen

18: Time: teatime

19. The last thing you did: writing

20. What you are wearing: chinos

21. Your favorite weather: tropical

22. Your favorite book: Wimsey

23. The last thing you ate: halloumi

24. Your life: full

25. Your mood: distracted

26. Your best friend(s): none

27. What are you thinking about right now? writing

28. Your car: A-class

29. What are you doing at the moment?: cogitating

30. Your summer: chilly

31. Your relationship status: lovely

32. What is on your TV?: nowt

33. What is the weather like?: chilly

34. When is the last time you laughed?: yesterday

OK, that wasn't tooooo hard but I had to change some of the answers.

I'm currently making this and contemplating a hat for a VIP award ceremony next month (not me that is getting the award). Mr Spouse is still on DIY leave and has assembled a glass-fronted bookcase to keep ornaments in, and away from small children, as well as making (from scratch) window-alcove cupboards, a small table for my laptop (which I really just use as a hard drive), new legs for my cutting table, and project managing the new loo under the stairs (which so far really consists of ringing round all the workmen only to find that at least one is on holiday - they start in 3 weeks which gives us that long to pack up all the stuff).