Saturday, January 02, 2010

So that's why... mother appeared not to blink any eyelids when we asked for some information we need for adoption paperwork, and told her why. She didn't think we were serious.

Her birthday falls just after Christmas so I had given her this book (blink and you've finished reading it, frankly). First she said "oh, but I'll know everything in it" and then she said "how likely is it I'll actually need to read it?"

What do you mean "how likely"? We are adopting. We are not just doing paperwork for the hell of it.

Trouble is, if we tell her every single thing that happens - and I know we are indecisive - then it would just confuse her. But we did tell her we had dropped our previous attempt and she knew we'd had two miscarriages at that point. And she does know the difference between adoption and fostering - she seemed to be under the impression we'd finished the process but weren't bothering with the actual adoption part - so clearly she doesn't know as much about the approval process as she'd like to imagine.


Anonymous said...

So, hang on, she actually thinks you'd 'finished the process but weren't bothering with the actual adoption part', that you'd do ALL THAT PAPERWORK AND PREPARATION, and then go, ahh, feck it, can't be bothered to adopt after all? Wow. That must have been a deeply frustrating... moment...

Yo-yo Mama said...

I don't know how I'd handle that without such massive eye-rolling, I would strain my sockets. Just keep reminding yourself that you're doing it for yourselves and not for her.