Saturday, January 09, 2010

Forget National Service

I think all British teenagers should be sent to live abroad for a year after leaving school. Six months of that should be in a place where it snows properly in the winter - they'll learn how to dress properly, how to walk on snow/ice, how to clean off the pavement in front of their house (though we are guilty too), and how to keep the house warm.

The other 6 months should be in a place that is properly warm and hopefully they'll learn how to avoid sunstroke, sunburn, and discover the existence of fans (which is all you need here really in the summer).

And one of those places should be somewhere they don't speak English. Might teach them a little compassion for new immigrants who don't.


Anonymous said...

I have spent an inordinate amount of time pointing and sniggering at lavender-skinned people in skimpy clothing and stupid shoes skidding and limping along the pavement. (I grew up in mountains. I own thermal vests).

Anyway, I agree with you.

Caro said...

great idea.