Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Whatever happened to...

...Ok I know approaching zero of you are going to care, but we were watching Shameless the other night, in an episode focussing on Karen, who is the daughter of Sheila, who was the mother of Nigel and Delia, who were - in the show people! in the show! - born around the time I found out I was pregnant for the first time. So (if you are a regular reader you may know this already) we called the first baby NigelandDelia.

Anyway we were trying to remember what had happened to her and to them. And this led us to thinking about our NigelandDelia who would have been starting school in September.

"this high" as Mr Spouse said.

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Yo-yo Mama said...

Oh, thinking about the what ifs...they can knock you back emotionally like one of those two steps forward, one step back kind of things. Anniversaries like this suck, plain and simple.