Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Show & Tell - Candlemas

Show and Tell

Yesterday, I know, but I only remembered today about taking down the crib.

It looks rather strange (it may be the angle), but I think it is quite cute - it's Mexican, made of tin, and comes in a cute matching box. The timing is very important. The Baby
Jesus does not arrive till Christmas Eve, and the Magi not until Twelfth Night. But it can then stay up till Candlemas. I bought the set in either Tijuana or Ensenada on a border-hop trip when I was living in SoCal ten years ago.

I do love Christmas even though it's hard when you are waiting to have children. But in a way I love the extended bits more - the private, family bits - the bits where you don't have to go round to people's houses and appear cheery. Like keeping the crib up till Candlemas.