Thursday, February 04, 2010

Second hand

I am not a fan of pink. When I was a baby we wore blue flowered dresses and then it was the 70s and everyone wore orange. The social worker commented that we couldn't really fully decorate our child's room for a number of reasons, firstly that it would be to difficult for us to make us do that without a child on the horizon, and also that we wouldn't know whether it was going to be a boy or a girl. I don't see the latter as a good reason at all because as far as I am concerned, there will not be pink.

"Not even if people give you pink things?"
"Well, maybe. Unless it's magenta. Then it's going back to the shop. If it's a girl I'll exchange it for something with Bob the Builder or Thomas the Tank Engine".
"Oh, that's mean..."
I pointed out that I would want to make sure anything we got for a girl would be usable by another child who was a boy. Apparently that is very wrong.

We compromised, I feel, by saying that we'd probably not need to actually buy any clothes for a baby as everyone would buy them for us.


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I make an absolutely baffled face at Social Worker, because, seriously, I thought your reasoning was quite sensible.

But then, I hated pink from the age of ten to the age of, well, thirty, I think (I will now happily wear magenta. And fuchsia. And electric hot pink).