Sunday, September 28, 2008

Should I tell?

I have far too many blogs. I have this one, which doesn't have that much day-to-day stuff on it. I have my original one, a short-but-sweet blog with the odd photo, funny item and thought, some profound, but basically I do not mention this part of my life on there. It's not on blogger (it's on an independent system a friend set up) so it doesn't link in here.

I also have a blog under a different name that is a walk through the saints associated with each day of the church year (there are some gaps, to put it mildly, even though a few friends collaborate) and I have the blog of my 11-year-old diary, which also has a few gaps - though I left the diary itself in the UK so won't be finishing that this year.

My mum knows about the 11-year-old diary but doesn't really "get" blogs. No-one else in the family knows about my blogs except Mr Spouse, who knows this one exists but kindly doesn't read it, and reads the 11-year-old diary when it is updated, and also the independent chatty one, which is also rarely updated.

I would in some ways like to post more about the rest of my life here - it would be more interesting for my regular readers, and for any new readers I get. I have several friends whose blogs I read and for whom I log out as Dr Spouse to post a comment, so they can't see this one. Most would find it very much TMI. You can see this one, but not my other Blogger blogs, on my profile. I'm sure if you looked hard you could find me (though hopefully not under my full name as I removed the only comment with my name - when I became a media tart).

Do you have separate blogs? Who do you tell about your IF blog? Do they care??


Cassandra said...

I have one blog under my real life name, whose only readers are people I know. My IF blog is under a fake name and is not linked in any way to the other blog nor my real identity. The only person in my real life who knows about or reads the IF blog is my husband. Occasionally I've considered telling someone in my real life who knows about my infertility about the IF blog, but so far I've kept silent.

MsPrufrock said...

I have three blogs - BarrenAlbion of course, Mush, my very non-updated baby food blog, and private one for friends and family. The readers of my private blog (thankfully) have no idea about BA, other than my brother who has promised not to out me.

I remember your media tart post, and am having a hard time believing that was two years ago. Yikes. It would be interesting to read more about you, if you ever care to share!

Sarah V. said...

I do have one other blog (not counting my blog, because the Typepad blog under the same name replaced that one and I no longer use it). It only has about four posts total, though. I originally set it up at the request of a friend of mine who blogs on LiveJournal so that she could add the blog to her friend's list, so I just set it up and put a post on giving the URL of my proper blog. However, I've put a post up there on the 'friends only' in the past rambling about various bits and pieces that I didn't feel like sharing with the entire world (by which I basically mean my mother).

BTW, I am *still* trying to get round to replying to your comment on my blog. Just never have time. ;-)