Sunday, September 21, 2008

News from the trenches

The problem with this IComLeaveWe is that I'm going to actually have to write some posts for people to comment on, aren't I?

Annoying holiday couple aka Mr Spouse's best man and wife are due to have their (very much waited for and conceived without intervention but after many many investigations) baby in four weeks' time. Mrs AHC is on maternity leave already but this is partly as she had a secondment from work in a different town which just ended so there seemed little point in going back to the regular job. Apparently the baby "is already 6lb 7" so they think "it's going to come early". No, dear, it's going to come at about 42w and is going to be 10lb. Am I allowed to tell her that? And that labour will be horrendous?

S & J aka my best woman and husband also have happy news - they should be 9w pregnant by now from a 2nd FET following a failed ICSI and an early miscarraige - well, last weekend they were 8w and they had seen the heartbeat at 6w so, given they don't have my horrendous history, I'm confident things will be well for them.

So I can think of a couple more things to say but I'll eke them out into another post, I think, so I have more for people to comment on!

Edited to add the 21st September IComLeavWe comment spots, really so I can remember myself!
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