Thursday, September 25, 2008


So a couple of weeks ago I was moaning to my doctor friend about having no insurance. "What if you get hit by a bus?" Well, we explained, we are OK if we get hit by a bus, but not if we get stomach flu or a nasty skin condition or need a flu jab or a new prescription for high dose folate or, briefly explaining the last few years, if I get pregnant. Turns out her sister is about 20w with her 5th pregnancy - one living child - factor V Leiden. A lot of it around.

But she pointed out that she knows lots of specialists (although as a psychiatrist it might look odd if she prescribed insulin for Mr Spouse!) and could no doubt find someone for us to see at a slightly reduced cost.

However in double quick time the HMO we had applied to and been rejected for regular coverage has - surprise! - approved us for the expensive, but roughly the same level of coverage, HIPAA plan. Hint for those in dire straits moving from another country - foreign coverage counts under HIPAA. And they didn't even need to check with my GP, so no expensive letter or snooty administrator telling them the wrong things on the phone. So I'm covered from the 1st (only problem - I have a Bartholin cyst recurring now. Ouch. Normally they last 3 days, 2 of which are a weekend, and so I never get them seen. This one's been about 5 days - I'm torn between hoping it goes away tomorrow and hoping it lasts long enough to be seen by the doc - not too sure I'd even get an appointment before the 1st anyway!)

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Perceval said...

i have been reading loads of medblogs recently. kevinmd has hood stuff ...

nancy said...

Ugh on the cyst. Sounds not so much fun at all. But yay for the coverage, even though it's pricey. Totally sucks. :(