Thursday, October 10, 2013

Where was I?

Oh yes, moaning about childcare again.

Well, things seem to have settled down a bit.  Baby Spouse has had a couple of days at his new childminder (for one of which I wasn't at work - I did manage some sewing but mainly caught up on the washing. Sad, I know).  Although I wouldn't say work are being supportive, they have stopped being actively obstructive.  

I've got one more week in the office and then I'm heading off to one of the tropical destinations that used to be my regular haunts (yes, it's for work, and the work itself mainly involves sitting in poorly air conditioned offices trying to get ancient computers and even more ancient internet to work, bumping round picturesque, impoverished villages in a Jeep, and trying not to offend lovely parents whose culture I don't know enough about while visiting their homes, and frighten children ditto). I'm leaving Mr Spouse in charge of Baby Spouse, in conjunction with Lovely Babysitter.

To say this is a military undertaking timed to the last second would be the understatement of the year. We have days when the Lovely Babysitter can drop him off, days when she can pick him up, and days when she can do both. As Mr Spouse works a distance away, this is helpful. We have one day when he will need to do both, and will be in work for about 4 hours. We have one day (thankfully just one) when LB will be putting him to bed.  LB will be a lot richer at the end of this, I can tell you.

I have a feeling this might be make or break with Mr Spouse's estimation of his ability to cope with one child, and therefore two.  I'm hoping it's not the second.

And me? I'm buying insect repellant, malaria tablets, and looking at the website for the hotel I'm going to be staying in.  It looks quite relaxing. Does it make it any better when I tell you it will take 24h to get there? And that I'll be very jetlagged?

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I'm always glad to see a post from you.