Thursday, January 05, 2012


We have now been up for about, erm, 20 hours? maybe? Not quite sure. All I know is I need to take out my contact lenses and decongest my ears (starting a long flight with a cold is not a good idea).  But we did manage to call our destination and find out that N has already signed her relinquishment, so most of the paperwork from now on is boring and complicated but more certain (there are still a couple of father issues).

The social worker from NLA has her own ideas and nearly managed to give OHP lawyer a heart attack but we think we have sorted that out. We get to meet Baby Spouse, and N, tomorrow morning (I have been told I am not allowed to refer to him as that, and especially I am not allowed to suggest that he might grow up to be Sporty Spouse or Scary Spouse, but I don't care.). We may need to do a little expectation management (N thinks we are going to spend the whole time hanging out with her, but Baby Spouse needs to be in NLA town which is about four hours away, and we want to be with him, naturally) but I think some retail therapy, and a plan to meet in a week or so for a longer spell of quality time, may cure that.


Rachel said...

Holding my breath for more news. Get some rest & good luck with everything.

Twangypearl the Elastic Girl said...

OH MY GOODNESS! This is tremendously exciting.

Good luck, good luck! Will be watching for further news.