Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Well, I thought that was too good to be true!

We just got a letter from Contract Social Worker to say "are you still intending to apply to foster, I'm still intending to do your home study"
("I don't get paid till I do...")
So, we rang her and told her when we were coming back, she explained she'd been doing a full weekend and polishing it off with everyone else, we suggested a Thurs night through Sat timetable and said we'd ring her back when we get home.
I then realised that if I wait to do that, work will suck away any Fridays that might be free, so Mr. Spouse rang her today. Apparently we "need to re-apply" (or, she has suggested, we can apply to "private fostering agencies").
Er, no, I don't think so. We passed our course, the county team knew we were going away, and they knew for how long. Other people on the course had done half the course over a year earlier and completed with us.
I interpret this as the county saying "Hello, you say you're Contract Social Worker? Who? What were you doing for us again? (oh, her, we'd forgotten she was still under contract... we have our own social workers free now) erm... don't bother".
I'm not panicking, don't worry. Though I did for a minute think, what if we didn't bother with the fostering and just went ahead to adoption, would the adoption agency even know?

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Anonymous said...

I'd almost forgotten how crap social services can be. I'm so sorry they're being crap at you in particular. Blasted bureaucracy. It's not like it's about an important topic or anything.