Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Colour me confused...

Am currently on CD 16. Normally I get at least a readable OPK or Persona stick on CD 15 or 16, with usually a line of maybe 3/4 the darkness of the control line on the previous day.

I had some of that nice gooey stuff from about CD9-13 (but I usually get it ridiculously early, and then in patches) and a line of maybe 1/2 control darkness on about CD12? 13? Then nothing. White as white. CM back to something not very stringy. Boobage slightly sore but no screams of agony as I take off the bra.

It's possible that my innards have gone on strike after being messed with last month but now I don't know when or whether to start the pessaries.

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Anonymous said...

Damn, how frustrating.

I always feel I could cope with any cycle weirdness my body decides on, just as long as I freakin' KNEW what was happening.