Friday, February 27, 2009


After my bout of heartburn over the weekend, I've decided to give up caffeinated coffee for Lent. OK, this is a little contradictory, as I know that decaf is also supposed to cause problems due to the coffee oil, and my interim measure was to drink it milky, and I also know that milk (despite the received wisdom) is not great for heartburn either.

I'm also not in any way convinced it would make any difference to our current inability to get pregnant - as Shaz says, better to take up drinking and recreational drugs.

However, I want to make a small change, but am very sleepy today - so, hello, chai latte.

And if anyone calls it a "chai tea", I'll whack them on the head with a dictionary from basically any Asian language or one of a selection of African ones. Why not have a "caffe coffee" instead?

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