Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Is it really good news?

No news, that is.

So my HSG was not too painful, and I am lounging around doing a little light reading and feeling relatively cramp-free (no worse than a normal period, anyway). Apparently they were looking for adenomyosis, too, which I wasn't really aware of. This may be my unrelieved optimism but I had thought that the doctor had decided this was rather unlikely.

Fortunately the HSG showed no evidence of adenomyosis and, not surprisingly, nice clear tubes, but disappointingly no nice explanatory septum either. Annoyingly I wasn't shown the x-ray and I was too keen to get dressed and leave to think of asking to see it.

So I have a feeling that where we go from here is I ask the doctor about a hysteroscopy. I'm not overly keen on having anything involving lengthy recovery time while I am over here, even if having it done in the UK would also mean going private, as we only have a couple of months left, but we should be able to squeeze this in.

I wasn't quite sure I got my point over to her about the possibility of additional suppositories (the blue triangular pills associated with male problems) so will try and remember to print off the article I found, as well maybe as what I've found on hysteroscopy versus HSG. I tend to come over all pathetic when speaking to doctors and forget everything I meant to say, or not explain myself properly, so must remember to take aide memoires with me.

What is slightly depressing about this is that I feel that Mr Spouse has more or less given up hope and is really just humouring me, and I'm not far off that myself.

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Bernardeena said...

Sorry you didn't really get any answers. I guess at least it's a couple more things ticked off that it isn't, but I know it must be frustrating.

As for the Hysteroscopy if it is just a diagnostic one I found there wasn't really a recovery time anyway. They just used a local, and an hour after it was done I was driving home. When mine was done on the nhs it only took a couple of weeks for an appointment to come through too. I know these things vary so much from county to county back in Brit, but there is a chance it won't be a huge wait.