Friday, April 11, 2008


We've been invited to go on the foster carers' course - it's not till June, but at least that means we can be sure we'll be able to go, and it's something to look forward to. I think even if I do get pregnant again before then we'll go anyway. I am not completely sure how positive Mr Spouse feels about this, but he didn't say "no point in doing that, is there, as we won't finish our approval before we go abroad" - instead he agreed with me that we might just squeeze it in or alternatively we might do part of it.

I'm happy to say my powers of magical thinking aren't what they were, and all was well at Slightly Annoying But Friendly Couple's scan. Sadly (oh how gutted I am) this will mean no more joint skiing trips with them. Equally surprisingly (not) is that there was no mention of the twins they were sure it was when we saw them last week. Him: "you've put on SO much weight dear, it MUST be twins" Her: "Harumph".

Me to her later "It's mainly fluid, you know you need the extra blood, twins are pretty rare you know". Her to me: "Oh, but they run in the family" Me: "What, your family?" Her: "No, there's one pair of twins in his family". Erm, don't think that counts... Other thing I did not say: "You know your chance of a miscarriage even at 13 weeks is greater than your chance of twins?"

I'm very well behaved, aren't I?


DD said...

I also think out all those stats in my head when someone announces a new pregnancy. Cringe-worthy are the ones who just found out YESTERDAY and can't believe they have to wait "SIX MORE WEEKS!" before they get a scan when they know I had one almost every week.

Yeah. Because for me that was so much fun. Even better is when they say, "How lucky for you!"

Sorry, but I'd rather be "unlucky" like them. Wouldn't we all?

I definitely admire your restraint.

Thalia said...

you are very well behaved, they don't deserve you.

Hope the holiday was ok despite the company?

Anonymous said...

Urgh, that husband. What a thing to say to a pregnant wife - 'ooh, you've put on so much weight...'.

It sounds, to me, like you have survived the Holiday From HEll gauntlet with a great deal of grace and tact. Well done.

Good luck with the fostering course.

Lovely to hear from you again!

Perceval said...

wow - it could be that her comments etc were masking anxiety - still not v nice of her to keep nattering on about the pg without checking with you first.

enjoy the fostering course! keeping you and mr spouse in our thoughts.
re vitamins - can you switch to a non-pg brand that contains the right amount of folic acid?

DrSpouse said...

You could be right, perceval... I wouldn't be surprised if they were a bit anxious.

Sadly I am on mega doses of folate which you can only get on prescription, so I can't get it from another vitamin. Plus, madly, almost no "regular women's" vitamins have even the 400ug that most people need.