Monday, March 03, 2008

Trying from the laptop

Unusually I seem to be better working on the laptop on the sofa so I'm trying a quick update:

Valentine's day: Wishing of course for pink lines, fearing instead red loo paper, I in fact got neither and was left hoping. Of course my period started the next day. We did have a nice chocolatey meal in.

My birthday -1 (Monday 18th). Disorganisation means that I couldn't arrange for a massage on my birthday, when I was planning to take the day off, so I booked in for a manicure on the day itself and then investigated massages. While doing this I found a new acupuncturist so arranged to see her also.

My birthday - A nice day, in fact. Skive off work early, manicure, out to dinner with Mr Spouse. Sadly no chocolatey puddings on the menu. I have a very large almond crême brulée.

Thursday - Wake up with sore throat. Go for my first acupuncture session. Very sympathetic lady who seems to do quite a bit of obstetric work and does not seem phased by treating me during a risky pregnancy. Have one session and book in for a second. Feel better after session but at work immediately start feeling shaky, ache all over and feel nauseous. Go home and go to bed. Not sure when back/shoulders started to ache but feel it by now.

Friday - Feel slightly better and get some work done, then have afternoon off for massage. Very relaxing and shoulders feel better.

Saturday - Not entirely sure this was the cause, but I have a new stand-up craft table and used it today, and my back started getting worse.

Sunday to Wednesday - Back starts hurting more, start sleeping less, and start feeling increasingly despairing about even being awake in the bedroom at the same time as Mr Spouse. Did I mention he started a new job this week that involves a 7.15 train?

Wednesday - Go to acupuncturist again. Realise I am feeling guilty for a) giving acupuncturist any grounds for believing I could get pregnant this month and b) spending all that money on acupuncturist.

Thursday-Friday - Decide to take back in hand, so to speak. Cut down slightly on computer use on Thursday, cut out knitting, and have non-computer-based meeting on Friday. Back feels slightly better and I get some sleep.

Weekend -
Mr Spouse feels more awake on Saturday morning. Make very short list of essential computer-based and standing-up-based tasks and then step away from computer. Back starts to feel even better. Avoid the issue of Mothering Sunday by not going to church in the morning, and then feeling too knackered from a long walk to go in the evening (traditionally less gooey anyway).

Today - Try to keep time at computer to 1/2 hour continuously. This is helped by power cut in the middle of the day.

That wasn't very quick... but you are now up to date. I don't feel as old as I did before my birthday, but I still feel old.


Vivien said...

I am sure this is the least interesting thing in the world, but your period started the same day as mine (15th). I still hope too. In spite of everything - especially being SO OLD!!

DD said...

Happy Belated Birthday. I keep hoping for you, I don't know if you knew that.

Would you believe I've never had creme brulee, either? I live a sheltered life.

Thalia said...

How is it possible for a restaurant not to have a single chocolatey pudding? Isn't that against the law or something?