Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Back home

I was discharged at lunchtime yesterday, and had to take a taxi home (ill-timed out of town meeting for Mr. Spouse - in fact he was slightly grateful they admitted me as he had to leave at an ungodly hour in the morning and was worried about leaving me at home, in pain and bleeding), but actually found that I felt a bit better than even before I started feeling worse, if you get my drift.

However today I had a migraine (haven't had one during any of the pregnancies - I'm guessing it's the hormone crash) and started feeling a lot more emotional. I had a quick trip to the GP - basically for some tea a sick note and sympathy, both of which I got. She even asked how Mr. Spouse was doing, which impressed him. I'm signed off (which here means you are not allowed to go back to work) until the 25th June. There's one more week of term after that (mainly whole-department meetings, which I may cry off and try to catch up with some students) and we are then on holiday for our annual pre-school-holiday-price-hike trip for Mr. Spouse's birthday. I may go back and see her again (instead of my registered, nice-but-male GP). But she'll need to refill her tissue box first. One tissue! How pathetic is that!

I just about made it to the market and managed to buy a few small things and make it home again before my tears won out over my clenched teeth. Mr. Spouse kindly rang work and told them how long I will, provisionally, be away for, I think also leaving the message that I'd been admitted again, to emphasise that I Am Poorly. Very Poorly. I also seem to have failed to set up my email out-of-office message correctly, so I updated that today, and my irate students will at least have some idea when I am coming back.

I may, as I said, write more about all this when I feel up to it, but I just thought I'd reassure you that I am at least alive, and at home. The pain and bleeding are almost gone, though I am rattling with the antibiotics and as zonked as I wish to be on the good painkillers, there was a little fluid on the scan, so no repeat ERPC, and the swab for infection wasn't back yet when I left, but I think they wanted to be on the safe side and dose me up with killer antibiotics.

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Anonymous said...

I'm relieved that you won't need a second ERPC. What crappy luck this has all been for you. Glad you're off work - exam marking and meetings aren't what you need!


(By the way, I have an inordinate amount of Reeces and Butterfingers (also peanut-buttery) that my mother foisted on me but I've been trying to abstain. You're welcome to them! My email follows in slightly ciphered form...
EllieKat73 at hotmail dot com I think you know how to put that together! Let me know and I'll stick 'em in a jiffy bag.)