Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Our third wedding anniversary was yesterday. It was actually a nice day - I didn't think too much about last year, when I had just miscarried. Maybe this past-blindness is what is enabling me to carry on getting pregnant and not just giving up on the whole thing? Anyway it was sunny and we were both "working" at home so we went out to lunch, and then went and bought me a new printer to fit into my new workstation, and to go with my new monitor. Most of the afternoon was spent setting it up. Very productive, I'm sure.

Officially I need a new workstation in the living room so we can have another spare bed in my ex-study, now just a sewing room. We're doing it now because the window is about to be replaced and the poor joiner needs to be able to get to the window. Unofficially, well, whether our child or children come from the NHS or the Social Services, they need a place to sleep, and if it is Social Services, the social worker needs to see that place.

Still much the same, otherwise, slightly more progresterone symptoms (very very sore boobs - I swear I've gone up 2 cup sizes - though apparently that could be it for a while, or they could even shrink again, very warm, cramps still there though less sore) though other symptoms are the same or slightly less (sense of smell still heightened, but slightly less nausea), though I did a sneaky test and got a very dark second line, this morning, so that's not worrying me. I'm actually beginning to believe I might get my 6-week scan. Of course, this could be because this pregnancy is going to be like no 1, and I was wrong about having turned into someone who miscarries on their own, but I can't help thinking something might be going on in there and all my exhortations to "fold your neural tube, build a nice sac" might have been listened to.

Still obsessing and worrying and still finding it hard to sleep, because of the obsessing and worrying, but I managed a full day at the office, and have a half day tomorrow. And I got some new knickers (together with my new "secret support" vests) and put on a white pair this evening.

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Vivien said...

Good luck with the white pants! Thinking of you.