Friday, April 20, 2007

Oh look

Christmas uni holiday. Lots of R&R. Positive test last day of vacation. Stressful start of term. Miscarriage beginning of week 2.

Easter uni holiday. Lots of R&R. Positive test last day of vacation (i.e. today). You do the maths. But as it's only CD28 today and I actually think my period is due on CD29 by when I ovulated, and I have mega I'm-having-my-period-right-now cramps, I think this one is going to be a chemical pregnancy.

Still, at least I got to see where the second line should be on the cheapo dipstick tests. My only question is, do I still need to use pads if it's a chem as with a regular miscarriage, or can I go with tampons/mooncup?


Vivien said...

First of all, let's hope you don't have to use either. But assuming you do - well, if you hadn't tested early you would never even have known and would have used tampons - I know I did with my first couple (or three) m/cs - I hadn't heard you shouldn't. BTW - WHY shouldn't you anyway??
Have I completely ruined my insides? Is it ALL MY OWN FAULT??!!

PS - Thanks for your comment - very helpful. Am currently on Attachment Theory, Child Maltreatment and Family Support / David Howe et al.

Thalia said...

Oh Dr S, I'm so sorry this is yet another miscarriage, potentially. And yes, i used tampons for my chemical, didn't seem any reason why not.

perceval said...

So you're using a Mooncup? Let me know how you find it.

And this repeat performance of positive test - vacation - potential disaster really, truly sucks.

TeamWinks said...

Good Lord please don't let those supporters of this vacation baby theory read this. Ugggghhhh.

I used tampons during my first miscarriage, because quite literally it was too damn hard to keep up with the flow.

I'm hoping that your past experience won't dictate this one. Yeah, I know, an optimist. Well, really, and optimist who hopes for the best but plans for the worst.

Keep your chin up.