Friday, April 27, 2007

No scan

The registrar says they don’t do them at 5 weeks (and I am only 5 weeks today by the calendar, and probably 4w6 by when I ovulated – actually, now I think about it, I think I’ve only ever got pregnant on cycles when I ovulated a day or more late). She asked for blood tests – beta HcG (the nurse asked whether it was to be repeated, so it seems they do sometimes repeat them, but it isn’t – I also know that even some IVF clinics just do one), full blood count (in case the ENT doctor was right about me being anaemic – and if he was wrong, I’m to come off the extra iron), and clotting screen - she didn’t actually say why that one, but I am pretty sure it’s an online clotting test since some people have hyper clotting only during pregnancy. It was a bit strange actually to think that with all these pregnancies, no-one’s ever managed to do any tests during one of them.

She said she’d book me in again in 2 weeks for a scan. I thought about it for about 5 minutes while waiting for my blood tests and when she came back with the appointment request I asked if it could be brought forward, so it is next Friday instead. I have a feeling they don’t like to scan people unless they are then able to get a definitive answer, reasoning that an ambiguous scan may be worse than no scan. But I am not even sure that the pregnancy will last 2 more weeks, let alone my nerves.

Anyway, having arrived ultra-early, I left the hospital 7 minutes after my actual appointment time. Is this a world record? Then I got the train to where Mr. Spouse works, bought Lush products, had lunch with him, bought shoes for us both (our third wedding anniversary present to each other – leather, see?), and had a manicure. I’m so hard-working, me.

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Thalia said...

Oh dr S I'm just so happy that you're still pregnant, and that this time you're getting real medical attention. I'm keeping it all crossed for you.

Just be aware that if next friday is really 5+6, it is pretty early to see a heartbeat, although you should certainly see sac plus fetal pole and yolk sac.