Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Still here

Where "here" is "same city, same number of children, same job, same husband, same house".

In some ways chugging along, in other ways as with all things child- and adoption-related, so much is new.

Small has started school. He is flourishing, but he is still struggling with some things (sensory things, anxiety, motor skills). School is super duper fabulously wonderful and he's in the "motor skills action group" and has seen an ed psych who is totally on the same page as us and felt he's doing OK but not that we were wasting her time. All at school agree he is very bright (preens self) which may be contributing to his anxiety. He asks about his first family. He asks to see his baby brother (who is now in foster care by the way).

He didn't want to have his half term holiday because "I'll miss my teacher". She is also wonderful (though v young) and says how much Small and Tiny look alike which makes her even more wonderful in my book.

Tiny decided to take off her nappies in May. She has not been as quick to move on to being dry, and in particular had two days of constant puddles just last week, coincidentally (or not) while I was on a work trip. She talks loads but is very unclear - much more than Small at this age. She sings to herself and potters around and is generally happy but an expert at tantrums. Much louder than Small was, too. Fixed opinions on clothes (at about the same age that Small started doing the same).

I had a really bad spell of health (both mental and physical) over the last year. I have lots of new medication. I rattle but feel much better. Mr Spouse has had similar, his is a longer standing condition and harder to sort out but his consultant is reasonably pleased.

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Al Coates said...

Sounds like you've had a time of it. I'm glad you're still here.