Saturday, May 24, 2014

On tenterhooks

The baby (a girl) was born early this morning. Nella has called and texted us several times, including sending several pictures. She doesn't really have much option besides terminating her rights, sadly for her, given her history - New Agency social worker says the hospital is aware of the child protection involvement.
So we should meet her on Tuesday. However, it's possible that she (I think I'll call her Tiny, because she is) may be discharged to the cradle (foster) carer on Monday. In which case we'll spend Tuesday with Nella, her parents, Tiny's probable father, Nella's older daughter, and possibly Nella's older son and his parents, all scaring poor Baby Spouse, who will also be jetlagged. Deep joy.


stevie said...

So exciting - despite the jet lag!

Twangypearl the Elastic Girl said...

(Ooh feedly, pls cooperate.)

Good luck and good travels, Spouses! Hoping very much all goes smoothly. Thinking smooth and positive thoughts for you.

Bernardeena said...

Goodness what a few days you'll have. I definitely hope everything goes smoothly for you x