Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Someone has been reading the baby book

And it's not me.

Baby Spouse chose yesterday to roll all the way over for the first time. Today he's 6 months corrected. He's also decided that not all solids are truly disgusting - banana is particularly nice, as are rice cakes.

We were given What To Expect In The First Year, but it scared us so we gave it to the charity shop. It has about 1 million diseases in it. My friend whose baby was 8 weeks early said the other day they looked in it to find out what she should be doing, and immediately decided they shouldn't look in it any more.

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Jenny F. Scientist, PhD said...

What to Expect is the only book I have ever thrown across a room. In the book store, no less. It's terrible. "This awful thing is really unlikely but you should WORRY and BUY SOMETHING! Also your house might burn down and you could get Ebola!"