Sunday, February 19, 2012

Did you know...

... being a parent means never having to buy anything for the baby. Except formula. Well, almost. We have been given almost everything so far, including far far too many 0-3 month babygros (I did say, but a friend sent me about 100. I am not kidding). I think she had too many anyway, but her baby slept in them, and Baby Spouse is an elasticated nightgown guy. He has this (a gift, from the friend who has lent us a cot bed, a buggy, and an entire infanthood supply of reusable nappies):

which Mr Spouse says is his Harry Potter outfit.
I advertised the babygros on our local Freecycle equivalent (it's slightly different, and predates Freecycle by quite some time) and someone with a baby due in July wants to come round and get some. Can I face a bouncy, second trimester, pregnant lady? I may have to be about to go out and not enter into conversation. 

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