Thursday, January 10, 2008

Not another pregnant friend

That could be read as "Not another pregnant friend" (why do the have the temerity to keep reproducing when we can't?) or "My friend is not pregnant/no longer pregnant". In fact it is "Not your average pregnant friend". Our friend M has just had her 20 week anomaly scan and all was well. This after 3 unexplained miscarriages (and a possible fourth very early one). She is 44. We are very pleased for her. I do not feel any of the normal jealousy - I just feel this is a hopeful sign for us.

I rang the friend with the failed ICSI after Christmas and had a nice long chat and she is obviously finding the twins news hard. She heard the day after her period started (she was asked to test on a set day anyway and so it was the day before she got a negative test). She is a very positive person and seems to be putting a brave face on it but must make a mental note to call her often and see how she is doing. I don't call my friends enough.

We spent King's Day with my nieces who are mainly nice and (although my mother has opinions on everything and anything) on the whole thriving though I am heartily glad we were staying down the road and not with them, given the lack of bedtimes (I know their little cousins have later bedtimes than British kids, but they have them) and my brother's insistence that his children will not need to go to school because he will be able to teach them everything they need to know, and ditto that I know nothing about current research into the best educational methods.

I should be back at work but I have the tail end of dreadful flu and a meeting which involves a long journey - part of it tomorrow and part on Monday - so I am ignoring work and nagging Mr Spouse and blogging.

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